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About Us

We are racers ourselves and know what it takes to make a very powerful MODIFIED ZENOAH R/C Engine and to also be very reliable. We also professionally build boat hulls that are above the standard of other manufactures. Our detail and craftsmanship of our work goes far beyond most in the industry. We offer exactly what we race no matter who gets them.


Planes, Trucks, Buggies, Helicopters, UAV, & Boats

Modified Zenoah Engines

Modify Other Manufactures Engines

Build, Modify or Repair 2 Stroke Engines of all types

Crankshaft Trueing and Rod Replacement

Professional Customer Support

R&D and Fabrication

Manufacture and Professionally built R/C Boat Hulls

Manufacture Connecting Rods and other Hardware


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 (727) 267-1964

Mon -Fri 9 am-5 pm EST



We started with just being a hobby that we did on weekends and having fun when we were teenagers back in the 1970's and all these years later, we have grown with innovation, design and thinking outside of the box and with many worldwide customers, however our passion and dedication remain strong. Working with us, you will find excellent quality of our products and customer service.


"Very impressed with their Products and Services." -- E. Poole, CA.

"Their RES Engine out performs others and is the fastest one I have." -- D. Adams, IN

"Wish I lived nest door awesome site" -- B. Masters, CT

" Excellent Service and impressed with the hull performance" -- R. Kendall, NY

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