Exclusive design and performance with the Raptor Cat

The euro slim line design of this hull enables the airflow over the top of the hull to flow smoothly and enhances the stability at high speeds. The center tunnel has a drop down center section that allows the engine to be lowerd, creating a lower CG and a unique sponson bottom; which enables for a better handling cat especially in the turns and rough water.

The hull interior is spacious and designed to run with the QD Deep Vee pipe so that everything is concealed under the cowl for better aerodynamics. The air flow into the hull by two inlet ducts keeps the inside cool and the rear air exit serves as a handle for removing the cowl.

This hull is 100% Composite (No wood used)


This Louvered Cowl is by default unless you request the above style cowl.



 Length:   48.5 inch (1231.9 mm)

Beam:       17.25 inch (438.15 mm)

Gas Engine:      26-35cc, RCMK 520+ or 1.01 Nitro

Electric Motor:  30 cell

Approximate Hull Weight:   Fiber Glass    6.5 lbs (2.94835 kg)        Carbon Fiber Composite 5 lbs (2.2976 kg)


Fiberglass Composite    $445.00

Carbon Fiber Interior Bottom Inlay add $80.00

Carbon Fiber Composite  (VIP)  $799.00

ARTR & RTR Raptor Cat's  are available ...Call or Email for Pricing


Painted top & sides are best used for showing the Carbon Fiber as stripes or other areas and can be any color and  clear coated  for an additional $175.00

Choose your Gel-Coat Color

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  Actual Shipping  & Handling Charges Apply  for Hulls

All Hulls are built to order and can vary from 2 - 6 weeks due to the demand

Worldwide Shipping Available (except Malaysia)

Returns and Refund policy on Boat Hulls, RTR Hulls and ARTR Hulls:

 All Sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges on any of our boat hulls and the only exception is with the written Limited Warranty on the Carbon Fiber Mono Hull that is shipped with each hull.. For us be able to keep cost of inventory to it's minimum and pass the savings to the consumer all of our hulls are manufactured individually by the order of the completed purchase from customers and additionally your hull can be ready to ship sooner or even later than the mentioned lead time and in that case we will notify you and keep in contact with you on the progress of your order. 


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