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Here are some RC HELI PICTURES from a large RC HELI. You need the power and reliability to fly your large and expensive Heli. The ZENOAH MODIFIED 28.5cc Engine is more than capable of doing the task!

  Nick Abbot - Wexford, PA  Aerial Photography  Large Heli 85lb Using a Zenoah Modified G290 RC Engine




                         Large RC Heli built by Nick Abbot and is powered by a Modified Zenoah 28.5cc engine



                                    Zenoah 28.5cc Engine Flying 85lb Heli for aerial photography in Wexford, PA. 


                                                                Wexford, PA Nick Abbot flying his 85lb heli 



               The Zenoah 28.5cc Modified Engine hovers this 85lb heli nearly vibration free for aerial photography. 



              The Zenoah Modified 28.5cc Engine is capable to give this 85 lb heli rapid accent  and manuverability.


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