Exclusive design and performance with the Raptor Mono Hull




RAPTOR MONO 100 mph!


Fastest 56" Mono in the World!


This hull has a slim line euro look that is very aerodynamic and this unique design of hull enables faster top speeds on calm or rough water with better handling characteristics than any other hulls of this size, which enables you to be out front.

The Raptor Mono is 100% composite (no wood is used)


 We use a Certified Aerospace Grade AS4 644ksi Carbon Fiber.

Our Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Hulls are manufactured by a Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) Not a vacuum bag or Hand Lay-up like others do..

Due to the nature of VIP the resin usage becomes very predictable, while  other hull builders or manufactures use the standard by hand lay-up; which makes their hulls vary in resin content due to the human variable and they have to hide the air bubbles with gel coat and that is why some hulls have different weights & stiffness. Our Carbon Fiber Hulls have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against separation and / or splitting damage while racing at sanctioned events or sport boating. Cosmetic damage is excluded.




Length:       56 inch (1422.4 mm)

Beam:       14.2 inch (360.68 mm)

Gas Engine:      26-35cc, RCMK 520+ or 1.01 Nitro

Electric Motor:  30 cell

Approximate Hull Weight :   Fiber Glass    6.5 lbs (2.94835 kg)        Carbon Fiber Composite 5 lbs (2.2976 kg)



Fiberglass Composite  (VIP)   $420.00

Carbon Fiber Composite  (VIP)  $745.00

ARTR & RTR Raptor's  are available ...Call or Email for Pricing


Gel Coat Solid Color Options  White / Black / Red / Blue / Yellow



Painted versions can be any color and is clear coated  for an additional $125.00

 Call Us -  1-727- 267-1964  M-F 9am- 9pm EST

Email Us -  Performance.Unlimited@hotmail.com

Actual Shipping  & Handling Charges Apply for Hulls

All Hulls are built to order and can vary from 2 - 6 weeks due to the demand

Worldwide Shipping Available (except Malaysia)


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